Our Mission

We believe pets make us better people. That's why we create more moments for people to be inspired by pets.

A world inspired by pets

Pets are amazing. Their loyal companionship, extreme intelligence and unrelenting energy constantly motivate us and make us better people. That's why we're dedicated to creating a world where pets continue to inspire us and bring out the best in us. By developing moment-making products, services and experience for our customers, offering a meaningful career to our associates, and enriching people's lives in the community through the power of pets, we can achieve our mission of creating more moments for people to be inspired by pets.

As a result of our commitment to pets, we actively volunteer with rescue groups, shelters and adoption events in our communities and around the world, connecting homeless pets to their forever homes.

PetSmart Gives Back — Our National Partnerships

At PetSmart, we know that pets make us better people. That's why we partner with national organizations to enrich people's lives all around the country through the power of pets.

PetSmart Gives Back — Hometown Heroes

PetSmart is proud to call Phoenix home and believes in supporting organizations that improve the lives of people in our own backyard. Through partnerships with organizations supporting a variety of causes, PetSmart Gives Back is making a difference across the Phoenix Metro area.

Pets inspire us—to be better and to live better. That's why we're committed to a culture of sustainability.

Think Twice

Our Think Twice mission is to create simple, informative and engaging ways to consider the environment in everything we do. The program encourages our associates to reduce environmental dependencies and to create business value through sustainable practices. We measure our overall sustainability efforts in six areas: Energy and Carbon, Recycling, Waste, Water, Green Products, and Partnerships and Engagement. As a result, PetSmart was named one of the greenest big companies in America by Newsweek.

Last year alone, we saved 4,000 shelves from the landfills and put them back to work in our stores.

Since 2008, we have reduced our pet store CO2 emissions by 8.4%, which is the equivalent of powering 15,000 homes for a year.

Did you know we host semi-annual Drive Thru Recycling Events with vendors at our Store Support Group campus? We provide confidential shredding to our associates and collect household items for donation, including eWaste.

When updating our uniforms in 2013, we worked with partners to recycle 82,000 pounds of old uniforms and turned them into shop towels and insulation.